Access to Iki via Fukuoka Airport and Hakata Station | 福岡空港、博多からの壱岐へのアクセス紹介

Are you thinking about visiting Iki? Maybe you’ve heard that this island paradise is only about an hour boat ride away from Fukuoka, but you’re probably wondering, “how exactly do I actually get there?” In this article I will explain how to get to the port from Fukuoka airport, via Hakata station. Whether you arrive in Fukuoka by plane or train, this guide is for you!

Iki is one of Nagasaki prefecture’s remote islands, boasting gorgeous sea cliffs, natural hot springs, and more than 30 beautiful beaches. There are two ways to get to island: by plane from Nagasaki, or by boat from Fukuoka. Most people get to Iki by boat, taking either a ferry or jetfoil (high-speed craft). The ferry does not require reservations, though it is best to call or book online ahead of time if you want to ride the jetfoil. The boat timetable can be found here:

KyushuYusen Website

I will explain here step-by-step how to get to the port so you can start your adventure without a hitch!


There are two main points of entry into the city, Fukuoka Airport and Hakata Station. Public transit in the city is very reliable and affordable so I recommend taking advantage of it if you have some time before your boat departs. Here is an overview of the general flow of things:

・Free shuttle bus (Fukuoka Airport International Terminal → Domestic Terminal) 10 minutes
・Subway (Fukuoka Airport → Hakata Station) 5 minutes
・Transfer time at Hakata station, 10 minutes
・Bus (Hakata station → Hakata Futou port, “Bayside Place”) 15 minutes
Total = ~40 minutes, 490 yen

Not so bad, right? The airport is conveniently located close to the city center and it is connected via subway to central train stations. Hakata Station is quite large; shinkansen (bullet trains) stop there, connecting Fukuoka with the rest of eastern Japan. Figuring out where to go when you transfer there can be a little tricky so I will explain with pictures.


If you fly directly from overseas into Fukuoka, you can take a free shuttle bus (which comes every 5-10 minutes) from the international terminal to the domestic terminal, from which you can easily hop on the subway. When you arrive in Fukuoka, follow the signs outside to catch the free shuttle bus to the domestic terminal.


Once you arrive at the domestic terminal, follow the signs down to the subway.


You will see machines and a ticket window next to some orange ticket gates. You can buy a ticket here to Hakata station, called “Hakata eki” (博多駅).


Enter the ticket gate and go down the escalators to the subway platform. As you can see, Hakata station is only 2 train stops away from the airport.


After your nice 5 minute ride, get off the train at Hakata station and follow the signs to Exit (Hakata Ticket Gate) .


Exit the orange ticket gates. Now you need to exit the station. Go towards your left, looking for signs that read, 「西21出口」“West 21 Exit.”


There will be a Seven-Eleven on your right side as you walk.


If you keep going you will soon see escalators. Instead of going up the escalators, turn right and continue walking.


The path reads, “Hakata-ekimae-dori Underground Passageway.” Take this path!


Continue down the path and you will see the 「西21出口」“West 21 Exit.” Ride up the escalators here.


When you get above ground, it will look like this. Turn around and walk back a bit in the direction of the West 21 Exit.


You will see the bus stop that will take you to the Hakata Futou port. It is labeled “F” and it says “For Hakata Port International Terminal, Marinemesse, Hakata Pier.”


The tricky thing here is that 4 different buses use this stop so you need to be careful which one you get on.


The buses that stop here are 99, 88, 46, and BRT. The only bus that goes to the Hakata Futou port is bus 99, so make sure you don’t get on the wrong one! Buses run between 6am and around 10:30pm. Between 7am and 9pm, there are 4 or more buses that come every hour.

Get on the bus from the middle door. Take a ticket when you get on the bus and pay in cash at the front when you get off. There is a machine there that can give you change.


You will ride the bus to the very last stop (Hakata Futou Bayside Place 博多埠頭ベイサイドプレイス). This ride should take around 15 to 20 minutes. If you are taking the ferry to Iki, you will go to the 2nd floor of the brown building pictured here in order to buy tickets.


If you are taking the jetfoil, you will go to the building next to the bus and taxi boarding areas. This building has a Family Mart convenience store, and the ticket window for the jetfoil is located on the 1st floor.


As you can see, it is possible to get to the port using public transit in about 40 minutes! However, if you are short on time or don’t want to ride the train and bus with your luggage, you can also take a taxi directly from the airport. This should take around 25 minutes, and cost around 2130 yen (estimate).


Now you’re an expert! You know how to get to the port, so the only thing left is to buy those tickets and hop on the boat!